Snow days


A snowy day several years ago...

It’s another snowy day here in Nashville. I’m sure if I lived in Iowa like my friend Donna, my kids would be running around in T-shirts, but my kids are just not used to the high being 25 degrees. So, while there’s snow outside, I’m not planning on being out playing in it. We’ll be having school today, but when that’s done, what to do with your kids? My kids have already requested maple snow candy, which I’ve talked about before, but they still don’t get tired of it.  Plus their Daddy’s reading through the Little House series and they like to think about Laura eating maple candy when she was little. This link has a little info about how New Englanders eat it and a cute picture of some little old ladies eating maple candy, dill pickles and donuts.


Something we made the other day that my kids really enjoy is called goop or ooze.  It’s easy to make, but the kids are fascinated by it. Here’s a link that gives more precise instructions. Add the water slowly; you may not need as much as it calls for.  We made ours white, but then added a few drops of food coloring. After the goop was make it was difficult to get the coloring to mix in  ,but it was neat to play with the goop while it was all stripey. When you finish with this, please DO NOT pour down your drain.  It can clog it up.  Put it in the trashcan.

Why don’t you try to make butter?  I had some fresh cream and made some butter Sunday.  It was very easy and quick to make with my stand mixer.  If you make some muffins or bread with your kids too, you’ll have a really yummy treat for a snack or supper. Here are my pictures.


Whipped cream stage

After about 5 minutes, I began to think it wouldn't work.

Success! It turned into butter and buttermilk!

There it is! I used the buttermilk to make popovers. Yum!


Something else to keep everyone busy would be making snowflakes.  Yes, there are plenty outside, but everyone loves the surprise of white paper and scissors and what their design will turn out to be.  This site shows the best way to fold the paper and gives some instructions for specific patterns. This site has patterns for preschoolers on up to very proficient scissor users, and even using coffee filters instead of regular paper. After your kids have burned up some energy cutting tiny paper shapes and getting them all over the floor, have them sweep them up with a broom and you can use them to make other art projects.  A blue piece of paper covered with glue stick makes a great background to sprinkle those tiny paper cuttings on. Hang up the snowflakes and pictures and have an art show for Dad when he gets home.

After that, read up on Snowflake Bentley, and look at his amazing work.  Here’s a more modern photographer’s work. Marvel at the God who created each and every one of these snowflakes and created us too!


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