On Gratitude and giving

Another busy week at our house. Believe it or not, my dryer met the same fate as my washer had the week before. So, before I could set out for a cousin birthday party in Paducah, I had to scurry around, comparison shopping for dryers and drying clothes at a friend’s house. Boot Camp also started back up, as did our nature hikes, art, and ballet. I planned on spending the week planning and cleaning and doing all the things I didn’t get done over our Christmas break, and did to a degree, but I didn’t get it all done. It was a good week, though, and I am grateful:

  • library online request system and delivery to my local branch
  • a winter trip to see Amish country mid winter–and a two-week old calf named Chocolate!
  • watching my kids make goo, build models, refine their submarine, and watch a movie about Lewis and Clark–on a day off from “school”
  • interacting with the youth for the first time on a Wednesday night–watching a team of devoted fathers (and even the head elder!) lead them in worship and a youth pastor on fire to equip these young people for the path God’s set before them
  • spending a half day looking for a dryer, and coming home to find my clothes dried and folded by a friend who made us dinner as well!
  • Boot Camp and Motrin
  • books on tape for long car rides
  • hikes, art, and conversation with good friends
  • cousins sliding down the stairs in sleeping bags, reading bedtime stories with Grandad, and playing long and hard with each other

    Uncle Todd cringing in the background:)

  • an unexpected gift of a dryer from friends who chose to believe God wanted them to bless others with their washer and dryer instead of selling them–thanks for your obedience:)
  • waking up this morning to a winter wonderland

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