Grateful for the end of the old and the beginning of the new year…

Well, it was certainly an interesting year, 2010. I never thought last January 1 that I’d have started a blog, be the dubious owner of a puppy or that my husband would have joined the ranks of the unemployed in America by the time the year ended.  All that and more made for an interesting year for our family.  It was fun, hard, faith building, painful, stressful, full of humble and grateful receiving from the Lord and others. We of course do not know what the new year holds, but are confident in the Lord’s faithfulness, whatever that looks like, wherever He sends us. If it means selling our house or keeping it; staying in Nashville or leaving; having one steady job, or multiple streams of income, we want to position ourselves in His will.  Here’s my list for this week:

  • Snow that stuck around for more than 1 day of sledding.
  • Finding a washer I really liked at a price I liked even better!
  • Appliance delivery men generous with boxes.
  • Hours filled turning a refrigerator box into a submarine
  • Celebrating Christmas with my three remaining grandparents all in one week!
  • My grandfather and his great-grands playing with the farm dog
  • Three-generation touch football game in the country
  • Watching my grandparents Skype their grandson and his bride in Okinawa, Japan–during half time of course!
  • Fondue and friends for an annual, early hour New Year’s Eve party (we turn the clocks back four hours)

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