King Fruitenkamun and the end of a semester

King Fruitenkamun is in his final resting place and with that the semester is over.  Nine weeks was plenty of time to spend in Ancient Egypt and to make a mummy out of fruit.  We had a good term: everyone reached the middle of their math book, can read better and knows more about Ancient Egypt.  The elementary and preschool aged children have learned about caniforms and feliforms; My middle schooler learned about applied science, a little geology and the scientific method. I’ve found out I can’t keep up with my four-year old.  I’ve got to find more stuff for him to do. He’s a voracious reader and wants to learn to write. He listens to all the books I read aloud about science and history and has a notebook of activities about Egypt and land animals. Over our break I’m planning on finishing my plans for the rest of the year, tweaking Doodlebug’s activities, and enjoying some downtime!

Fruitenkamun in "natron"

After a couple of weeks of drying out.

Natron removed and fully dried, Fruitenkamun's ready to be wrapped!

All wrapped up

The king is his sarcophagus

If you think your kids would enjoy making a fruit mummy, check out Hands and Hearts History Kits.  Instructions and items needed to complete the activities are included (except the fruit of course), and the kit also comes with maps and copywork ideas to add more to your study of the time period.


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