Advent week four-gratitude in the cold

Another busy week here.  I finished my cinnamon roll orders for the season and also working at the hospital.  What a wonderful time of year to be grateful!

  • Finishing half of the school year, and feeling good about all we accomplished!
  • Snow pants, mittens, hats, gloves, and boots scattered across the room after a romp outside
  • Only having two days of snow to have to deal with the huge pile of snow pants, mittens, hats, etc 🙂
  • Washer and dryer
  • Hot chocolate after a winter’s romp
  • Skipping acorns across a frozen pond–what a cool sound!
  • Advent with the ones I love
  • Wrapping presents with children
  • gingerbread tea, Christmas music, and a quiet house
  • Husband getting his first real paycheck since June, even if it’s a contract job!
  • Watching my kids dance to Aretha Franklin’s Joy to the World
  • Knowing these times are precious, and thinking of them often in my heart

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Filed under Family, Gratitude, Holidays

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