Advent Week Three of Gratitude

What a lovely week it’s been! So many fun things, so much hard work. Here’s my gratitude list:

  • Affirmation from friends when doubt creeps in
  • Soup, homemade bread and game night with friends while the kids watch “The Polar Express”
  • Having school in our pajamas
  • Really good cheese
  • No line at the post office!
  • Catching up with church family over dinner
  • Boys watching trains with grandfathers
  • Watching my daughter bake her first solo batch of sugar cookies, baked to raise money for adoption expenses
  • Two enthusiastic kids raising money for orphans in India and Kenya
  • A reminder from a talented friend and the Lord of His message for us in this season of our lives
  • Coming home to a clean kitchen after a long day
  • Singing Christmas carols at a Christmas party with dear brothers and sisters who love the Lord
  • After dark romp in the falling snow
  • Hot tea and a long bath to warm wee ones chilled by the wind and the snow
  • Sweet advent time
  • Blowing snow outside;  kids snuggled in for the night,  a cup of gingerbread tea and listening to this inside (Thanks Ann, for finding this last year!)


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2 responses to “Advent Week Three of Gratitude

  1. Meredith Bub

    You and your whole beautiful family have been on my mind so much these days. I wish I was better with words – my worship and prayers usually just come out in the form of tears. So, through my thankful tears today, I just want to let you know what an inspiration you and Jonathan and the kids are, and how brightly the Spirit of Jesus shines through all of you.

    • Sweet Meredith,
      That was just what I needed yesterday afternoon–and always. Thanks for sharing your creative spirit with all of us. It makes me smile! And I think it makes Him smile too!

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