Looking back on a week of thanks

Last week was very busy around here. I delivered over 20 dozen cinnamon rolls.  I turned 39–for the first time:). We had Thanksgiving dinner with my parents and sister’s family, decorated our tree, and Jonathan and I both worked. Whew! After we both got home Sunday night, we looked at each other and asked if we’d actually had a Thanksgiving holiday.  We had, and it had been good.

Inspired by Ann a couple of years ago, we have a Thanksgiving tradition. We keep a blessing box close at hand.  Ours sits in the living room on a table with candles and a plant.  When we are thankful we write on piece of paper what we’re thankful for and then put it in the box.  Thanksgiving morning, while we ate cinnamon rolls, I opened the box and read the papers.

They were very simple and sweet. I noticed my daughter had been sitting around for a couple of days quizzing her siblings about what they’re thankful for and  writing down their answers. Things like trees to climb, my great-grandmother, and the cross were not surprising  Toilet paper and a toilet were, but after reading Ann’s posts from her trip to Guatemala, very simple things truly are to be appreciated with new eyes.

Here’s my list:

  • Getting to spend a few short moments with old friends who bought cinnamon rolls
  • Farm fresh pecans
  • receiving at least 7 birthday cards from my four-year old son
  • a daughter stretched in faith praying for the healing of another child
  • being reminded with that daughter that God numbers our days, and sometimes His choice is an Ultimate Healing, rather than a temporary earthly one
  • picture shoots with eight kids
  • My children’s blessings: toilets, running water, electricity, my soft cuddly green comforter, books, Granny (because not everyone has a great-grandmother),bees
  • Decorating the tree between work days
  • A note and gift in the mail with the words of comfort “We’ve been there.” The card that proclaimed “O Come All Ye Faithful” encouraged my lagging faith.
  • A Thanksgiving morning family bike ride
  • The last of the summer roses

I have some great pictures of the week, but I can’t get them to load.  I’ll try later.  Have a lovely, thank filled week!


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