Gratitude all week long

We are reading though the Bible during breakfast, and one day this week, the story was called “God takes care of the Israelites.” It was the story of the children of Israel in the desert and God providing them quail, manna, and water.  The manna is so interesting to me–“take all you need, but for one day only or it will rot.  Trust Me to provide every day.” Then of course Fridays were “Take what you need for two days and Trust Me that it won’t rot so you can rest tomorrow.”  Of course God kept His word and the children of Israel were given their daily bread…daily.  They didn’t get to can it and pull a jar off the tent shelf when they wanted it later.  They had their daily portion for that day.

This is the week of Thanksgiving and there will be many a celebration around tables in America.  Around some of them there will even be a time of prayer and thanksgiving to the Giver of All Good things and sharing what we are thankful for.  But how do you cram the thankfulness of everything God has done into one day? His mercies are new every morning–which that fact in itself could fill my prayer and meditation time–and our praise should be new every day as well.  There’s always something to be thankful for everyday–though I’ve had a few days, where all I could think to be thankful for was that the day was over!

Here’s my list from this past week:

  • Sunday: Jonathan getting a chance to lead worship again
  • Monday: An answer to prayer in a Thanksgiving card and Doodlebug saying in awe, “God must have been listening to us!”
  • Monday: Grandparents willing to sit on hard metal folding chairs to watch a very happy little ballerina
  • Tuesday : Emptying our Blessing Box because it was too full to add any more blessings!
  • Tuesday: A wet morning inside with 21 kids, loving friends, a working fireplace and great conversation.
  • Wednesday: a friend willing to teach me something new
  • Thursday : afternoon at the Science Center with the whole family.
  • Friday: a friend willing to keep my kids for an important conversation
  • Saturday: a redeemed Groupon means freshly painted halls and living room!
  • Sunday: a few hours of relaxation for my husband and a whole lot of sweet rolls made and frozen for delivery.

Have a blessed time with your family this week, and safety in all your travels!


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