Starting a mummy

So we started over in history this year, with creation and have moved up to studying Egypt and early Hebrew history. I like to do some hands on activities every term.  The Hands and Hearts History Kits have great activities and I don’t have to find either the activity or supplies.  The kits usually last me two cycles through history because we don’t do all the activities the first time around.  For the first time, we’re making a mummy out of an apple and orange.  I’ll post pictures every so often to see King Fruitenkamen’s progress.  Just so you’ll know, the brown color is not the fruit rotting, it’s cinnamon we sprinkled on it like the spices they used with real mummies.

Carving the apple into a face.

Using a spoon to pull out the "internal organs."

Cinnamon rubbed into the "body."

Fruitenkamen filled and covered with "natron." Aren't you sorry he isn't lying around your house?



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2 responses to “Starting a mummy

  1. katie

    I love it! these are the things I miss since I”m not homeschooling anymore. I loved the Hearts and Hands stuff. We made an Election lap book through them and I’ve always been so proud of that project. 🙂

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