Grandparent’s Day

Decorating gingerbread leaf cookies for Grandparent's Day

“Happy Grandparent’s Day Mommy!” That was my greeting from Doodlebug last Friday. It was a day all my kids had looked forward to all week.  My friend Beth and I  had planned to do this all summer, to allow our children’s grandparents to see part of what their grandkids do everyday.  It took several months to find a day when her parents could come from Alabama and my in-laws and parents could come from Middle Tennessee.

Arranging candles to decorate the house

We cleaned and vacuumed and baked and got everything ready, then started displaying art work and school work around the house. Scooter Man enthusiastically helped arrange the food.  Everyone had a hard time choosing which art to put up on the walls and which poem or Bible verse to recite.

art work

Finally grandparents ( and even a great-grand mother!) began to arrive and admire the art. They enjoyed the slide show on the computer, showing the last year of art and nature study and camping trips our families have done together. We had a short time to allow the children to stand up and either recite or sing or play the piano. It was good practice in front of a very admiring and sympathetic audience.


David reciting Bible verses

After the program, we had snacks and the children showed everyone their school work–handwriting, science displays, geography notebooks. It was very simple and low-key, but it’s amazing how much it meant to all the children to have their grandparents see what they do.


Showing Mimi his Ocean Box



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3 responses to “Grandparent’s Day

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  2. Desiree Whitlock

    So very much back to the basics of life and I love it. So few grandparents get to do something like this. I love the way your family thinks!

  3. Anne Elise

    Wow. You really are my hero!

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