Gratitude on the road

What a week!  I spent the first part getting ready to go on our annual fall camping trip to Fall Creek Falls, the next four days camping, and the last two days recovering.  I’ll give you the full details in a later post, but there were so many things to be grateful for.  Here’s my list:

  • The excitement of children, getting ready for a trip
  • A short, unexpected visit from a far-off friend, bringing the Word of the Lord, just when I needed it!
  • A sweet email interchange of prayer between friends
  • Flannel sheets on a cold night
  • The sound of rain on the roof
  • Leisurely laundry and conversation with a friend
  • Watching a child conquer her fears of biking down a REALLY big hill
  • Sunlight on fall-colored leaves
  • A big fire on cold mornings…and cold evenings
  • Hearing hymns being sung at a nearby camp site
  • Hiking and biking in the fall with people you love
  • S’mores and kids
  • Listening to owls hoot back and forth in the early morning hours
  • Coming home to clean sheets, central heating,a washer and dryer, and a bathroom down the hall.
  • A two-week fall break!

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