Another week to be thankful

It was another week to be thankful.  The weather turned, finally and maybe only temporarily!  It was the last week of school before Fall Break. I had the opportunity to work extra, so I was extra busy, but here’s what I was thankful for last week:

  • Email to keep up with spread-out friends
  • A long hike with kids, dogs, and a good friend
  • Sore muscles to remind me my 4:30 wake-up was not in vain
  • The tiniest sliver of moon EARLY in the morning
  • Industrious children digging a big hole, then filling it in again
  • Being OK with not going on vacation
  • Pulling up in the dark after work to hear children giggling in the camper in our driveway
  • A generous gift of clothes from a friend at church
  • A Buckeye birthday–I can’t believe he survived a whole year:)
  • A wee hint of autumn on the trees
  • Watching the sunrise after an intense work-out
  • Prayers of friends and family when you’re making tough decisions
  • Family worship time
  • A video of the song that’s meant so much to me in this season.  Thanks for sowing into so many lives, Rob!



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    Filed under Family, Gratitude, Meditation

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