First Term Review

This week finishes our first of four terms in our school year. It’s gone well. We have stayed pretty much on schedule, and that’s a relief. Happy Girl finished her typing program. I got Rosetta Stone to work correctly. Blue Eyes is ready to start her second handwriting book. Everyone’s been diligent with their seat work (usually).  I have some tweaking to do to our schedule before our second term begins.

There have been some pleasant surprises–my four-year-old has participated, all on his own in both science and history.  He loves to listen to the books and wants to color a picture of any animal we’ve been reading about. Let me tell you, it’s not so easy to find a good picture of a gavial to color. I’ve enjoyed the timeline we started.  I ran out of wall space, so I put it up on the back of the door in the playroom/schoolroom.  I have easy access, but it’s not the center of attention. I like the idea of drawing our own pictures of events to include, but it’s become too much for me to handle.  I actually broke down and bought a CD called History Through the Ages with a zillion black and white outline pictures with dates on them.  I can print them out and we can color them and stick them on the timeline.  No more guessing if that stick figure is Moses or Mozart.  I can even resize the pictures for a wall or book timeline.  I love it.

Of course there have been challenges. I’m more tired from working extra shifts. I can’t fly by the seat of my pants. With four children on four levels, I have to be more organized than I think is possible for me.  I still don’t think far enough in the future to keep from dropping the ball. Scooter Man learns math facts best, not from super convenient and easy worksheets, but from more time-consuming mother-may-I type games and oral drill. Decoding is harder for Blue Eyes than I thought it would be. I can’t find time to have one on one art with my oldest daughter.  And I can’t come up with enough activities or ideas to keep Doodlebug busy or quiet as long as I need him to each day.

Next week is our Fall Break and I’m looking forward to changing around my assignment sheet, making a final list of library books I need to check out and try to make sure I have those last-minute items for the science experiments for the next term (which reminds me, I need to buy lemon jello…). I hope you’re getting close to a break in your schedule, and I hope you take the time to evaluate the first part of the year and make needed changes to help the rest of the year run smoother. Enjoy your time off.  Don’t spend all your time planning.  Get out and enjoy this wonderful weather with your children!


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