Star of the week

I’m sure most people are much more organized than I, or at least have a better memory, or are more patient with their kids. Probably all of the above.  After years of arguments in the back seat regarding who was choosing the movie at the library, who got to put the library books in the cool slot, who chose the dessert or the game, who goes first, who has to pick up the poop (of the dog variety), or any other “It’s my turn to go first/ No you went first last time” argument I was burned out. So, I came up with the Star of the Week.

In our house, the Star of the Week has special privileges.  We have Family Night, where the Star gets to choose either a movie to watch or a game to play.  Family Night is the night of the week when we have dessert as well, and the Star gets to choose it. Family Night is usually Friday or Saturday night, depending on my work schedule, but occasionally it’s during the week if needed. This is a big deal for my kids.  It takes serious thought to decide on both a movie and dessert. Cookbooks are poured over, and the library DVD section searched diligently for the best choice.  This week Scooter Man’s the star. We’re having chocolate mint brownies and watching “Swiss Family Robinson.” After supper, I’ll serve the brownies and we’ll go around the table and each say something we like about the Star. Then we’ll all put on our pajamas and go to the playroom.  The Star gets to sit in the red bean bag during the movie.  The rest of us are in the other two bean bags, a rocking chair or straight chairs or on just laying on the floor (no couch upstairs yet.)

In addition to these Family Night choices, the Star gets to put the library books in the slot, go first in games and stuff, but also helps with special chores.  Jonathan and I are in the rotation as well, so those weeks we just do the “special” chores ourselves.

If you can’t remember whose turn it is anymore, try out the Star of the Week.  You can modify it to fit your family’s needs. Plus everyone enjoys feeling extra special once in a while.



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2 responses to “Star of the week

  1. Courtney Rice

    How is the “star” chosen? Is it a reward for something, or does it just rotate w/each child weekly? Those Star priveleges sound fun!

    • I came up with a set order. Everyone remembers who they come after, but I try to write it on the calendar so I can remember. We alternate kid, kid, parent, kid, kid, parent. It’s fun to see what dessert we’re having and what movie we’re going to watch!

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