Feast of booths

OK. We’re Gentiles.  On our way out to our friends’ sukkot, my husband asks what we’re celebrating, and starts singing “Happy booth day to you.”  Nice. Third holiday of the Jewish year, and we’ve at least attempted to celebrate each of them in our own, fumbling way.  These first three (Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot) are tightly clustered together.  This celebrates the provision of the Lord to the Israelites in the wilderness and reminds them of the booths they lived in for so many years.

Our friends have gone all out this year.  They have a lovely piece of property with a pond, goats and woods.  Now they have a level campsite, outhouse, and Sukkot made of creek canes.  We walked to the creek, talked to the goats, and asked the Lord to bless the fruit of the earth and the vine as we sang and worshiped around the campfire.  Then we had chili and roasted hotdogs; drank hot chocolate and ate molasses cookies. The boys chased each other through the dark woods with flashlights.  The girls talked in the tents and looked for shooting stars.  It was a lovely time to celebrate the goodness and provision of the Lord.


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