Day in the Life

Just in case you ever wondered what it was like to work and home school here’s my Monday.

  • Set my alarm for 4:35 am so I can go to Boot Camp.  Fell asleep after work Sunday night around 9:30.  I’m not sure, but I think I was mid sentence…
  • Woke up to hear the dog walking around the very dark house.  Last time he did that, he threw up on my carpet.  I got up and check on him–he’s fine.  It’s only 1230. Four more hours of sleep!
  • Woke up to hear dog scratching and jingling collar. No vomiting, so I check the time. I have 30 more minutes of sleep.
  • 4:35 Wake up. Get dressed and brush teeth.  Stumble into the den and startle dog awake.  He barks at me and I mutter unkind names at him.
  • 4:55 It’s dark and quiet on the 3 minute drive to the church. Very pleasant.
  • 5:00  It’s loud and bright in the gym.  I run and stretch and sweat. Not as pleasant.
  • 5:55 Back in the car on the way home.  So glad to be done with that!  I know I’ll enjoy it later
  • 6:00 Shower, re-read 1 John for my Wednesday night class. Write thankful blog.
  • 7:00 Doodlebug up and at ’em as usual, on the dot.  He helps with the muffins, which makes a 10 minute process a 30 minute one.
  • 7:30 As I’m trying to scoop muffins into tin, dog breaks through Invisible Fence to try to follow husband on his run. Older two children dash off to recapture him with leash.  I leave 6-year-old to scoop muffins out and I take dog food as a lure to get dog.
  • 7:35 Dog enjoyed his run around neighborhood.  Children and I did not. Muffins ready to be baked and 6 year old very proud of her job.  Very sticky 4-year-old must have helped.  Off th the bathroom to repair damage.
  • 8:15 Sit down to breakfast with family
  • 8:30 There’s a moonwalking lesson in the hall.  This is not on the chore chart.
  • 8:35 Scooter Man given permission to play Daddy’s sax while Daddy practices guitar and other kids finish their chores. Dog howls along and suddenly all kids watching and laughing and no chores done.
  • 8:45 Redirection of everyone to proper places.  Can’t get eggs off cast iron skillet.  Maybe later…
  • 9:00 Start school time.  Younger three playing while I process with oldest. Everyone is cold and most of the winter clothes are in the attic. Between spelling words I bring down cool weather clothes bins to deal with later.  I move on to other children’s individual lessons and suddenly it’s 11:20.
  • 11:30 Lunch
  • 11:45 Kids have a short recess while I unpack warm clothes for a couple of kids. I try on some of my clothes.  Yay!  After a summer of weight loss I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe. My old clothes fit again.
  • 12:45 Time for science.  We read all about reptiles and draw pictures of turtles for our science notebook.
  • 2:00 Back to unpacking.
  • 3:30 Sit down for a few minutes.  My sister calls for a recipe so I type it in and email it to her. Time to get daughter ready for ballet.
  • 3:45 Husband home to get daughter for ballet and son who wants to play on play ground. I unload dishwasher and start work on the skillet I forgot about earlier.  Make muffins, cut up fruit, set table for kids and husband’s dinner.
  • 5:00 Leave the house for a birthday dinner for one of my friends. We sat outside and actually got cool!  Yay!
  • 10:00 Come home and again, fall asleep mid sentence.


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2 responses to “Day in the Life

  1. Stacy

    Sounds like a crazy day, Laura! You do seem to get so much accomplished, though, even though it may feel like a lot of sidetracking all day long! I just want to know more about this moonwalking lesson! 🙂

    • The moonwalking was an extracurricular activity sponsored by Jonathan:). I don’t know how much I get accomplished, but I am busy. I wish I could stay more organized. I feel quite inefficient.

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