Gratitude for His glory

“Did God cause the flood in May?”  I am concentrating on driving through a deluge when my  six-year-old daughter asks the age-old question, wondering if God causes bad things to happen. I ruefully wonder at the wisdom of the Lord, putting children with deep theological questions in my life.  I’m still asking myself.

We talk about how God is with people in the midst of the bad time and can use horrible, sad, awful situations and turn what Satan meant for evil to bring glory to himself.  “Oh, you mean like Jesus dying on the cross was sad but He saved us from our sins and that’s good?” Yes, my little theologian. You’ve got it.

So here’s my thankful list after a trying week:

  1. Sabbath rest.  After working a three-day weekend last week and having no day of rest, it was wonderful to take a day as the Lord commands.
  2. Cooler days to play outside with the kids and the dog!
  3. Consignment sales.  Another way the Lord is providing for our family right now.
  4. Creativity.  I love encouraging the gifts of creativity God placed in my children!  Trying our hand at Impressionist paintings was fun.
  5. Friends.  Two families, two Fridays.  Candles, challah, wine or juice.  Prayers and blessings. Conversation, laughter and encouragement.  Great to remember on difficult days.
  6. Coming home from work to a sparkling clean bathroom, and four very proud kids!
  7. Apple crunch cake.
  8. The Andy Griffith Show.  I wish Aunt Bea would come clean my house…
  9. The Holy Spirit, whose groans interceded for me this week when I was at a loss for prayers.

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One response to “Gratitude for His glory

  1. katie

    oh how I miss those nashville consignment sales! And how I would love to pass along a couple of bags of clothes to you after you shared so willingly with me! what size are your girls and what do they need? I’ll see what I have and send a care package if you give me your address. 🙂

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