Field Trip Friday

Last Friday I took the kids to the Frist Center for the Visual Arts.  Usually my Fridays include art and nature study with another family, but it’s been too hot to appreciate anything in nature, other than a rainy day.  To kick off the school year we went to the Frist to check out the Chihuly Glass and couture clothing, and spend some time in ArtQuest.   The couture clothing exhibit was fun, especially for me and my six-year-old.  She loves clothes and was so excited about the shoes (Ooh, look at the shoes, Mommy!)  All the children enjoyed the Chihuly glass, but I’m sure the staff was relieved when we left that area.  The children were very well-behaved, but it is breakable, and we had seven kids with two moms.  I can’t wait to go to Cheekwood to see the rest of that exhibit!

We made our way to ArtQuest so the kids could get their hands dirty and try creating their own art.  The workers in ArtQuest are wonderful–enthusiastic, happy to help the kids, and don’t mind occasional messes.  I’m always impressed how they tie in the projects with the current exhibits.  All of the children enjoyed it.  My four-year old built with the blocks and made a movie with the dinosaurs.  Everyone else made movies too, and painted pictures and made prints.  My six-year-old designed an outfit.

Since it was the last week of August, all schools were already in session, but no one was taking field trips yet.  There were only two other families with children there, and none of the exhibits were crowded.  I enjoyed meeting Kelly from Faithful Provisions, on a field trip with her children.  (If you enjoy saving money, check out her website–I love it!) If you’re thinking of going this fall, go now.  By mid September field trips start up and the crowds get larger.  The staff was sure that the crowds would be even larger with the coming of the Impressionist exhibit from the Orsay in mid-October.  Their suggestion was to wait until about 1:30 or 2:00, because the kids usually board the buses by then to return to school.

I really enjoyed the Frist and can’t wait to go back later in the fall to see the Impressionist exhibit.  It’s a great time to take a field trip.  Don’t forget to sign up for a membership and use their teacher discount!



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  1. Mary Davis

    Lara, I have enjoyed reading your blog – what a sweet and honest writer you are!

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