God is Good All the Time

All the time.  Even when I don’t understand what He’s trying to do or why He allows things to happen.  And even when I feel like everything (but my marriage and children) in my life is up in the air–everything.  Our wonderful worship pastor Rob Still wrote a song several years ago when there were many difficult things going on around him and in his own life.  Yesterday he sang it on his final day as our church’s worship pastor. It meant so much to me and reminded me that even when I don’t understand, and things don’t make sense, God IS good, so I will praise Him.

Given the choice between hope and despair/I believe what my eyes cannot see

That God is good all the time/All the time God is good

Yes, You are good all the time/All the time You are good

(Rob Still 2004 Rob Still Music)

My list for the week:

  1. Tuesday afternoons in the park with old friends.
  2. A trip to the zoo with the birthday boy!
  3. Free passes to the local water park for a last summer fling!
  4. Wondering at the creative spirit–Chihuly glass, couture clothes and my own children’s art in the making at the Frist
  5. A far away friend’s phone call at just the right moment
  6. Watching the body of Christ work the way it’s supposed to–watching families helping each other with emergency moves and emergency room visits
  7. A twelve-year-old daughter who still loves to snuggle up and talk
  8. Vick’s Vapo-Rub to slather on the feet of children with bad colds–and the good night sleep it gives all of us!
  9. Friends that love me even when I get stressed out and high maintenance.
  10. Being led into worship by such an amazing group of leaders that truly love the Lord and seek His face.  Thank you, Rob.

holy experience



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2 responses to “God is Good All the Time

  1. rob

    Thanks for your kind words Lara, I’ve enjoyed your blog. Be blessed, rs

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