Never picture perfect birthday, August edition

Well, yesterday was fun.  We got to go to the zoo and Doodlebug charted our course.  Of course the playground was first.  There were not a huge number of people there, so everyone was easy to keep in sight. Gibbons and Meerkats, then the Unseen World.  I did not enjoy the huge cockroaches eating oranges. Yuck. I’m sure God had a reason for making them, I just can’t see it and hope there aren’t any in the corner of heaven I’m going to be occupying someday.

We got to feed the lorikeets and ride the carousel twice! We also ran into two other families we know.  Fun!

I decorated a Magic School Bus cake with a little help from my little guys.  OK, there was much asking “Can I lick that yet?”  and stirring of colors.  The bus was OK, but Ms. Frizzle, Liz and the kids were in the umm…impressionist style of cake decorating…Somehow despite the fact this was my fourth child turning four and I’ve made 2 cakes for my sister’s boys who have turned four I could not find the “4” candle.  I have three “5” candles but no “4” in my box.  And wouldn’t you know, the only regular candles I had were pink and white stripes. Nice for a four year old boy, but he didn’t notice.

Doodlebug got a Playmobil boat with a little motor on the bottom that he loves dearly.  Before he even finished his cake and ice cream he was asking for a bath to play with the boat.  He was joined by his sister, who called out several minutes later.  She was holding the boat up to her head–she’d tried to lay down in the tub and her hair go tangled in the little propellers on the motor.  There was no way I could untangle it, so out came the scissors and a hair ball connecting my daughter and the motor is now history, but the motor itself still works.

So there’s the never picture perfect birthday of the month, pink candles, hair ball and all.


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