Another week for thankfulness

It’s been a week of contrasts.  So loved spending time with Julie and Little Miss Bella, and then Valeria and her children–as well as Kristin and Jessica in previous weeks, seeing how God allows us to each tailor our education journey to fit our family’s needs.  Loved watching my kids play in the park with old friends and getting a chance to catch up with my old friends too!  Then I’ve been dealing with difficult news on a different front, that leads to questions in what I believe about church leadership and worship.  But in the midst of that, we had a family wedding that was a lovely way to end a week and add a new cousin to my family tree!  And being with so much family helped me refocus on the goodness of the Lord.  So here’s my list of the week’s past blessings.

  • Rain, rain, rain to help our parched corner of the world!
  • Playing at the pool with four generations
  • An old love, that after 60 years of marriage and living life, turns two people into a family of 29  30!
  • Men in uniform
  • Small boys in tuxes
  • Exuberant new love!
  • Daddies dancing with daughters
  • Seeing love in action–in sickness & health, riches & financial need and until death parts–in your own family
  • Bittersweet goodbyes as the newest branch of the family plants itself in Okinawa…safe travels Jason and Tiffany!
  • Coming home after our weekend away!


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