Battling my attitude

I missed getting together with dear friends Saturday and going to Camp Widgiwagan with our church on Sunday.  I am tired because I worked all weekend and I still have a full week ahead.  It is hard to be grateful when you feel you missed out on times of joy and fellowship.  It is much easier to feel cross with my husband and children because they had fun, and God because I got left out this weekend.  But there is something Ann discovered and her discovery has helped me.  Selfish introspection and pity are transformed when I begin to physically write down the blessings of the Father. So I am choosing to turn from my crankiness and personal pity party to an attitude of gratitude, starting now.

  1. Watermelon sorbet with friends on a hot sticky night
  2. An orange crescent moon
  3. Watching for meteors with my kids after bedtime
  4. Getting a consignor spot in my favorite sale!
  5. The generosity of those who gave to allow a father-daughter mission trip to England this summer
  6. A friend who knows my personal shortfalls, and is still my friend anyway!
  7. Anticipation of time spent with new friends and old
  8. Little boys with fresh haircuts
  9. Finally losing that first 25 pounds!
  10. That His mercies are new EVERY morning


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