First week

We’ve had a great first week of school.  I still have moments of wondering how I’m going to spell with one, listen to another read, check a grammar lesson and keep the three year old occupied at the same time!  I can’t get the computer typing program to keep Happy Girl logged in, so she’s had to repeat the first lesson twice and the computer spanish program remembers her, but seems to skip from one thing to another.  That’s been frustrating and time consuming for both of us.

I’ve wanted to incorporate some of Charlotte Mason’s ideas on fine arts in the past, but have not done very well.  Because it’s been so hot we went out right after our chores were finished in the morning to work on their nature notebooks.  There aren’t that many flowers and plants left in the yard that are blooming or at least not withered away, but they each found some to draw and were so pleased to add them to their notebooks. Renoir was the first artist for picture study, and everyone enjoyed looking at La Loge.  One afternoon while the kids were painting, I played an mp3 of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue for composer study.  During our morning snack we read poetry.  Yay!  Since I actually took the time to plan what artists, pictures, composers, and poetry I wanted to use all year, it was not time consuming at all.  Each of these activities took five to ten minutes.  Next week I’m hoping to add scripture memory, a hymn of the week to learn, and our art lessons.

Elementary children strengthening hand muscles (and having fun) with Montessori activity. Safety goggles were their choice:)

Doodlebug has been watching us closely all week, then importantly telling me when he was coloring or painting or reading, that he was doing his schoolwork. I’ve done my best to come up with activities he would enjoy as well.  One of the Montessori activities I set up Monday was such a hit with everyone, I left it out all week and it was used every day, once by my twelve year old!  I’m planning a preschool post for next week, so be looking for it.

Overall I’m happy with our first week.  We’re making progress getting into our schedule.  I still have a few kinks to work out, but I’m happy I spent time this summer getting organized.  It paid off with a less frazzled Mama and a more enjoyable experience for my children.


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