First Day

Memories of the first day of school

Monday was the first day of school.  There are some traditions we try to continue every year.  First Days are no exception.  We started with a time of prayer Sunday night, led by the headmaster, asking the Lord for His blessings on our new year.  Monday started with a special breakfast of pancakes and Bible reading, then regular chores.  A group picture of the kids by the back door was next.  You can see how well that turned out.

After the photo shoot fiasco, we regrouped  with our All About Me Book.  This is a traditional first week of school activity  I read about many years ago, and have done it since Happy Girl was in preschool.  I made up my version after viewing several others.  You are welcome to download mine, or make up your own.  We keep ours in a designated notebook, and enjoy flipping through past All About Me’s.

This year is a little different for me.  For the first time I do not have a child who will be napping in the afternoon.  That was a very convenient time for messy art projects or science experiments that need a good bit of my attention, or for uninterrupted time to help out with reading or grammar.  This week will be about finding my rhythm with a preschooler as well as easing back into our traditional seat work.  I also have a 7th grader, which seems different for some reason.  It seems to be a big jump in workload.

Today I did a good bit of pingpong-ing back and forth from Happy Girl’s room to the play room where the rest of the children do their seat work, trying to get everyone situated and presenting new material.  Tomorrow will be less about new things, photo-ops and pancakes, and more about finding our groove.  Here’s to day two!



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6 responses to “First Day

  1. Our first day was Monday, too! After teaching for eight years, it is funny that going back to school AT HOME is much the same . . . cleaning, preparing, thinking we will never have time to do anything else again, new supplies, excited about books, and—as you said—first things followed by getting into the groove. A 7th grader!!!!!!!! Wow!

  2. jessica fill-ups

    Thanks so much for sharing your ‘All About Me’ doc… it’s printed and ready to go for us next week!

    • larariggs

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Caleb even made a book this year. Now I have to find a notebook to put it in. Can’t wait to hear about your first week soon!

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