Cultivating an attitude of gratitude

I love Ann’s weekly posts where she counts her blessings.  It’s always fascinating to see how God has blessed others, and to chime in, “Oh yes, me too.  Thank you for that too, Lord.”    Some days I begin to develop tunnel vision, and can only see the piles of laundry, the train tracks scattered on the floor, the bedraggled yard, chores undone and I am overwhelmed by the lack of a job and uncertainty of the present and future. “This is the day the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it.”  I will. What sometimes begins as an act of my will, always ends in a shift from self-centeredness to a focus on Him and who He is.  As I take captive every thought of fear or doubt and begin to count His blessings, I am captivated by Jehovah Jireh, The Lord Who Provides.  So here, I will praise Him for His blessings. Fix my eyes on Jesus. Develop an attitude of gratitude.  Shout His praises among the multitude.  Join in  and the Gratitude Community, as together we stand in awe of his faithfulness.
1. Sixteen years with the love of my life
2. Late evening Southern symphony of cicadas, crickets and June bugs
3. Early morning solitude
4. Provision of both a deep freeze and a lawn mower in one day!
5. A community of faith to walk with during tough times
6. Loving, supportive family
7. Children turning storm-downed trees into a fort
8. Fresh from the farm Amish watermelon
9. Coming home from work to an empty laundry basket
10. Fresh haircuts
11. New books, new pencils, and endless possibilities for learning as we are poised to start a new school year

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