never picture perfect

Rich Mullins’ song First Family inspired the name of my blog.

Never picture perfect / Just a plain man and his wife / Who somehow knew the value / Of hard work good love and real life

That’s us–well, a plain wife at least!  I think my husband is exceptionally handsome.  Unlike Rich’s song, we’re not farmers.–I have a single potted tomato plant that at this moment looks woebegone in this 100 degree Southern heat.  But we do want to work hard, love well and have a real life.  And because it is a real life, it isn’t picture perfect.  Both Martha Stewart and Flylady would have something to say about the state of my home.  My husband just lost his job.  Buckeye continues to enthusiastically and unsuccessfully attempt to dig up moles in our yard.  I wonder how I’m going to have time to educate my children, do laundry, lose 30 more pounds, be a helpmate to my man, increase my healthy lifestyle, interact with friends, work occasionally and be pleasant at the same time.  But I know that I know that I KNOW that I am where God wants me.  He loves me and is shaping me daily to look more like His Son, using the children, husband, dog, job, friends and my time alone with Him to do so.



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3 responses to “never picture perfect

  1. C. Brower

    how wonderful, so true. we need more homeschoolers that influence our kids for the better before our culture influences them for the worse. Way to go!

  2. Stacy Clark

    Hey Lara-
    Love your blog! I just today have gotten the chance to read it all. When you first announced it, I saw the name and immediately thought of the Rich Mullins song, not knowing that the song was what inspired the name of your blog! We love Rich Mullins! I will be interested to read more in the weeks to come.

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